Thursday, November 05, 2009

Betrayal: Cameron Surrenders UK to EU Beast

The Labour Party betrayed the British people by reneging on a promise to hold a referendum on UK participation in an EU treaty. Now David Cameron and the Conservative Party have done the same.

Thus, with Cameron’s cowardly whimper, the UK gives up its sovereignty to Gulag EU. It is indeed a sad and sorry day for Britain. What Guido Fawkes tried to do with gunpowder on the Fifth of November, the two major parties have now done willingly.

Peter Hitchens’ take may be found here.

This betrayal will drive more into support of the BNP and UKIP, for better or worse. But that will not be nearly enough to stop this craven surrender.

When I was a youth, it was fashionable among dispensationalists to suggest that the then European Common Market was the precursor of the Beast of the Apocalypse. Given how the UK and other nations have so easily given up their sovereignty to the EU and its tyranny, I am once again wondering if Hal Lindsey et al were actually right.

MORE: Here is just one example of EU tyranny.

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