Tuesday, November 03, 2009

An Anglo-Catholic Slice of Life

To get an idea how lonely being an Anglo-Catholic can be, I recommend this slice of life over at Anglican Wanderings. Due to geography and the sorry state of the Anglican Church of Canada, the blogger’s parish is over a thousand miles from the next orthodox Anglo-Catholic parish. Yes, rather isolated.

When many Anglo-Catholics are isolated and often not exactly welcomed, one can understand why Pope Benedict’s invitation is . . . inviting.

Personally, if I had to choose between being a lonely Anglo-Catholic and crossing the Tiber, I would be a lonely Anglo-Catholic for reasons I may go into sometime. But I certainly understand those who would choose differently.


Anonymous said...

I read that post too and it made me rather thankful as my situation is comparatively so much better.

Matthew said...

What a moving post! Thank you for linking to it.

I've been considering a Romewards move for about five years now, so the Pope's initiative is certainly welcome! Whether or not I'll make the move depends upon my overcoming certain theological objections and (to be brutally honest) inertia..