Saturday, January 12, 2008

--Schori Inhibits +Schofield

In an expected and classless act, TEC Presiding Heretic Katherine Schori has inhibited Bishop Schofield.

Three observations:

1. In the business world, when a company wishes not to attract attention to news which shows that it’s being run in a sorry fashion, it will release said news late on Friday on the margins of the normal news cycle. But surely that’s not why TEC released this news late on a Friday.

2. “Windsor Bishop” Wimberly of the Diocese of Texas approved of this action. Can you say “collaborationist wimp”? He’s tried to be all things to all people. But towards the end of his undistinguished tenure, his true colors are showing . . . particularly the color yellow.

UPDATE: Matt+ Kennedy tells it like it is about Wimberly and "Windsor Bishops."

3. The Archbishop of Canterbury will have to actually make a real decision: whether to keep +Schofield invited to Lambeth or not. Either way, he will tick off people. It should be fun to watch.

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