Tuesday, January 15, 2008

APA Not Joining Common Cause Partners at this time.

APA Presiding Bishop Walter Grundorf has decided that his Anglican Province of America will not be joining the Common Cause Partners at this time.

The decision is disappointing but understandable. The main reason behind not joining are that the APA is divided on the question of joining with some wishing not to get involved again in the unpleasantness of a divorce in progress. Really, with the APA split on the question, ++Grundorf made the right call.

But if I were in APA, I would be sorely disappointed. I want to be part of more than just a small denomination. Really being a catholic Anglican implies that. And that is important enough that I don’t think one should wait until all the ducks are in a row to unite with other committed orthodox Anglicans. So I much prefer my Reformed Episcopal Church’s course of joining CCP.

The APA not joining still effects the REC. It has to be a set back to the two bodies’ efforts to merge. But one can certainly pray with hope that this is only a temporary setback.

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