Thursday, January 10, 2008

Real Inclusiveness

Bishop Duncan, Moderator of the Common Cause Partners (CCP) has sent out invitations to CCP bishops to attend GAFCon. And, yes, all CCP bishops are invited:

The Global Anglican Future Conference will bring together orthodox Anglican bishops from all over the world, especially gathering those who for reasons of conscience are unable to accept their invitation to this year’s Lambeth Conference, as well as some who believe it crucially important to attend both conferences. It will also gather some bishops and wives, especially true of the Common Cause College of Bishops, who were not invited to Lambeth.

The contrast with Lambeth is glaring. Let’s see. A church conference to which heretics and apostates are invited, but a number of orthodox Anglican bishops, including my bishops, are not. Or a church conference to which all these orthodox bishops along with clergy and laymen are invited, but which draws the line against heresy and apostasy.

Guess which one I’d rather attend?

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