Sunday, September 30, 2007


Saturday was Michaelmas. Friday I walked down a narrow lane by the hotel and found it led right past Little St. Mary’s church. And I read a notice that they were having High Mass for Michaelmas at 10am.

So I went, and I am glad I did so. The service was wonderful. I knew from my visit almost two years ago that they knew how to worship, but it was even better than I expected, with Michaelmas hymns, too! Yes, there is a such a thing.

Adding to the glory of it were the occasional sunbeams shining across the sanctuary through the incense.

Not being able to receive the Holy Sacrament (See my 9-21 post.) added a little melancholy, but made me pray that much harder for unity amongst orthodox Anglicans. I prayed one day I would be able to take communion here once again.

I’m glad Little St. Mary’s had High Mass on Michaelmas. That way I could have my Little St. Mary’s and King’s College, too, without missing a service this weekend at King’s.

In the evening was the first public choral service at King’s this term, an Evensong. (They had a private service marking the beginning of term Friday night. And, yes, Cambridge begins their Michaelmas term a week earlier than Oxford.) I have very much looked forward to this service as those who know me would easily imagine.

And the choir sounded great, better I think than even two years ago. I think the choir is younger than two years ago. That may be why it sounds better to me. There was an older boy two years ago who was the star, and deservedly so, but who had a style that IMHO was slightly out of synch with the traditional King’s College sound. And that affected the sound of the whole choir. They were excellent, of course, but not that pure King’s sound I prefer. Now, they sound more like King’s College to me.

Anyway, as you can probably guess, this was the most special Michaelmas I’ve ever had.

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