Saturday, September 08, 2007

Aspirin . . .

. . . is a controlled substance in the U. K. If you want some here, you have to get it over the counter.

I was told it’s because [omitted because I don’t want to give anyone bad ideas].

I just found that out today while looking for aspirin.

Yes, I’m having health issues again. This time it’s nasal allergies. Yes, I’m having trouble staying well for any length of time, and it’s getting old.

Often, my allergies will wear me down so that I get sick in some other way. So prayers would be appreciated.


ct layperson said...

`I don't understand the aspirin situation. Do you mean you need a prscription? I've always understood over the counter to mean you didn't need an RX -aspirin, geritol, alkaseltzer -that's all OTC. There may be a category of OTC meds that you have to sign for ie they keep a register on to prevent abuse - is that what's going on with aspirin?

Mark said...

In the UK, at least, it means you don't need a prescription, but you must buy it, with a limit, at the pharmacist's counter. You can't just get it off the shelf yourself.