Thursday, September 27, 2007

BREAKING (or not): Bishops of West Texas Sit on Fence

The TEC bishops of West Texas have issued their response to the House of Bishops meeting and statement. It can be found here. The money passages:

. . . the response we made on Tuesday was less than the two of us had hoped for, but more than we had expected after our discussions on Monday. Despite our reservations about the final document, a careful reading shows we did go further than the Bishops were able to go in March. Is it far enough? Is our response adequate? As many have stated, we should know that in the very near future when the Archbishop of Canterbury, in consultation with the Primates and the Joint Standing Committee, offer their response to our response.

So before I make a real response to TEC’s response, I’ll wait for Rowan’s response to TEC’s response. Then I’ll think more about my response to TEC’s and Rowan’s response before making a full response.

Fifth, some have asked why the Windsor Bishops have not issued a minority report. After various conversations, we decided to wait for the response to this statement from those who asked the questions. Over the past several years, the Windsor group has met numerous times. We have issued signed statements, minority reports, principles, etc. and the prevailing view is simply to hear the response to our response.

See above.

That, my friends, is some serious fence-sitting.

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