Thursday, October 05, 2006


A non-profit I direct, GK Ministries, is giving out cash grants to excellent youth ministries that happen to have cash issues.

Are you involved in ministry to youth? Do you have some good ideas for your ministry, but the money just isn't there? Then I want you to apply for these grants. Both church and parachurch groups are welcome to apply.

To apply for a grant, write me, tell me about your ministry, and tell me how you would use the grant. And do so before the deadline of November 20th, 2006. You can write me at my e-mail of mark at godknows99 dot com or you can use snail mail: Mark Marshall, P.O. Box 18908, Corpus Christi, TX 78480

In addition, I'm giving away books. If your church or ministry can use my book God Knows What It's Like to be a Teenager, but just doesn't have the money to buy a bunch of books, let me know. You can find out more about God Knows What It's Like to be a Teenager here. (Do be aware I wrote it in my pre-Anglican days.)

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