Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bishop Duncan Speaks on the Future of Anglicanism

Bishop Robert Duncan, upon receiving an honorary doctorate from Nashotah House, gave a very interesting speech on the future of Anglicanism. And it is packed with wise and edifying analysis – too much to tackle on one post! So I may refer to it in the future. In the meantime, read it here or here.

There are two comments he made relevant to us orthodox Anglicans oh-so-hungry for progress in realignment. First:

Speaking together from Kigali, just one week after the New York meeting, twenty Primates of the Global South (or their representatives) communicated their intention to provide Alternative Primatial Oversight, in consultation with the Archbishop of Canterbury, to the appealing U.S. dioceses. (4) Representatives of the Global South Committee will be meeting with representatives of the eight APO dioceses within a very few days.

That’s actually not new news. But the timing has just been confirmed by The Living Church.


We have reached the moment where a mediation to achieve disengagement is the only way forward. I believe that the other Episcopal Church – the one not represented in this convocation – has finally also come to that conclusion, as well. I believe that a mediated settlement will be in place by this time next year, or that the principals will be well on their way to such a settlement.

Now that is an optimistic assessment, and, if true, would definitely be news. We’ve been given a glimmer of hope of that recently with an interesting discussion over at Stand Firm. And the New York meeting made progress toward a settlement though they reached an impasse. We’ll see if the bishop’s optimism is justified. Let’s pray so.

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