Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No Safe Place: Another Example of the New Orthodoxy and Your Sin

A week ago, I gave you an example of how the new liberal orthodoxy considers traditional moral views sins against people’s identities and therefore intolerable.

Here’s an example that’s even more textbook. Note this paragraph:

Christians are now using Biblical texts to deny lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people their full dignity as people created by God who share equal dignity with heterosexuals. Prejudice led gay men to be incarcerated alongside the Jewish people in the Nazi extermination camps. Prejudice is now being used to justify an inferior status for LGBT people in the Anglican Church.

It’s all there – the politicization of morals along the lines of identity and oppressed status and the demonization of traditionalists and their moral views. For the traditionalists allegedly continue oppression against people’s identities.

Once this crowd gains control, as they have in many parts of mainline churches, do you think they will accommodate those they consider in the same class as Nazis?

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