Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Major League Baseball proves itself once again . . . to be a fraud.

I haven’t paid much attention to Major League Baseball for years, the Red Sox semi-miraculous World Series win excepted. But my Dad loves to watch the Seattle Mariners, so I watched some of last night’s game against the Yankees with him.

Well, Seattle was up by a run with New York batting and one out in the ninth. Jose Lopez made a great snag of a grounder and threw it to the first baseman for an out. But the umpire called the Yankee safe.

Now, the throw beat the runner so clearly as I watched the play live that I thought maybe the first baseman’s foot was off the bag or something like that. I thought surely the ump didn’t miss that the throw beat the runner. But replay showed nothing like that happened and indeed the throw beat the runner. It wasn’t really close.

So when Seattle got the next Yankee out for what should have been the winning out, it was a game tying sacrifice fly instead. The Mariners ended losing in extra innings, but I had no desire to watch anymore.

The episode confirmed what I hate about Major League Baseball. It’s rigged toward establishment teams I detest, especially the New York Yankees. So I’ll go right back to ignoring it. If I want to watch rigged sport, I’ll watch pro wrestling.

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