Sunday, July 09, 2006

An excellent CD from King’s

I’ve been listening to the CD Evensong from King’s College a lot lately.

Roughly half of it is Cartholick Vespers, with lots and lots of chanting. In fact, the first several tracks are just the men chanting. It’s quite good, but not what fans of King often expect. But then when the full choir finally comes in, it’s dramatic and beautiful, for lack of better words. And I doubt any words are adequate.

The other half is good Anglican Choral Evensong for Advent. That’s actually what I expected the whole CD to be.

But you know what’s funny? I’ve come to like the Vespers part better. I’m actually a bit hooked on it. It’s that good. I’ve listened to a lot of choral music, but have never heard anything quite like it.

The Vespers alone make the CD a must-get for choral church music fans.

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