Monday, July 24, 2006

The Fundamental Double Predestination Bible Church of the Eternal Omnipotent Triune Deity (or Doctrinal Church Names)

On the way home on Texas Highway 123 (That’s the one that has two Amazing Grace Baptist Churches.), I spotted another Baptist Church, a new one I think. By the way, I recall Joe Bob Briggs as describing his Texas home county as having more Baptist churches than people.

Anyway, the name of the said church was Saved by Grace Baptist Church. To name a church after specific doctrine like that (no matter how true the doctrine) struck me as strange and amusing. I can imagine such a church having a doctrinal hobby horse that they ride every Sunday. I guess I could start an Excommunication of Heretics Traditional Anglican Church. Or someone of a more liberal inclination could start The Inclusive Church of Holy Listening. Or someone of a more Marian bent could start The Church of the Immaculate Con . . . . Never mind.

In honor of Saved by Grace Baptist Church, I’m starting a contest. Post in the comments a doctrinaire church name that strikes you as strange and/or amusing. There will be two divisions, real church names and fictional names. Winners, declared by me, get exclusive use of their names in their next church plant.

And don’t be mean . . . well, not too mean.

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