Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Day 22: Waiting for the flight to Texas

I might as well fill in some random stuff while I’m waiting for my gate to be announced.

Remember that New College chorister next to me who sang so well? He was one of the three soloists at the concert last night. I guess I do have a good ear. I think he had a rough night though. He nailed, and I mean nailed his first solo during Britten’s Ceremony of Carols. It was great. But he seemed to have a little trouble with his second solo, and he seemed unhappy the rest of the concert. Poor guy.

I heard King’s College last year do the Ceremony of Carols in Dallas. Sorry, my Oxford friends. King’s is better. Purer voices, more precise singing, and the boys sound more like trebles instead of like sopranos.

The British Library was great. To see the Codex Sinaiticus, among other treasures . . . wow. The 4th century Codex is the earliest complete copy of the New Testament. And it looks to be in great shape.

Ah, they announced the gate. I’m off.

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