Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Christmas First

This has been a special Christmas for me. Among other things, this was my first time to participate in a Nine Lessons and Carols service on Christmas Eve.

Since we are a small church, I did two readings as Lector. Doing the last reading, John 1:1-14, is an experience I won’t forget. To read such a powerful passage as the final lesson on Christmas Eve . . . wow. I’d practically have to be as inspired as St. John to describe what that’s like. I almost floated back to my seat afterward. And I think I read it close to perfectly, too.

(I’ll probably make another post relevant to that service the next day or two.)

I hope you all have had an excellent Christmas, too. And, remember, the Christmas season doesn’t end until Epiphany. My lights are defiantly staying up!

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