Friday, March 03, 2017

Democrat Coup Continued

The real story behind the attacks on Jeff Sessions is the continued Democrat coup attempt, which began well before the Inauguration.  And Obama and his lackeys are behind this coup.

Mark Levin is on this.  As is Ace.  For one thing:

Obama, on his way out the door, radically changed NSA rules to allow them to share unredacted surveillance information while preserving the names of people (US citizens) it's illegal for the US to spy on without a warrant. This is a change of practice-- the NSA used to have to scrub out the names of US personnel it's not permitted to eavesdrop on.

This running roughshod over privacy in order to get political opponents is something that should concern people across the political spectrum.  But Leftists and DemocRATS are silent.

I wish I could say more and this, about Obama setting up his shadow White House in D. C. and more.  But the study of the 39 Articles controls me.  Nonetheless Levin and Ace will get you off to a very good start on what is going on.  The Democrat Coup is ongoing for all to see who want to see.

And also remember: DemocRATS lie.

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