Friday, November 13, 2020

Democrat Election Fraud Harms Black Americans Too.

Largely overlooked in the controversy surrounding massive Democrat vote fraud in this election* is the harm it has done to Black Americans.

Most prominent is the apparent defeat of John James, a Black Republican, in the Michigan election for Senate.  The current and apparently re-elected Senator is a little known Democrat hack, Gary Peters.  Peters even had to the gall to mock James' insistence on a clean vote count.  So instead of being represented by a distinguished Black Republican, Michigan Black people and all Americans are stuck with a contemptible hack … again.

The bigger picture is election fraud renders legitimate votes meaningless, including the votes of Blacks.  If more than the usual amount of Black people vote Republican, as happened in this election, or if many Blacks decided to express their displeasure with their choices by not voting, so what?  Just bring in enough boxes of fraudulent “votes” and Democrats win!  Election fraud thus further enables Democrats taking Blacks for granted and discourages Republicans from earning their votes.  What’s the incentive for politicians if elections are so easily stolen in the dead of night? 

The old Jim Crow literacy tests were subtle in disenfranchising Blacks compared to this election. Consent of the governed being dumped on with such blatant election fraud disenfranchises all Americans, including Black people.

But I do not hear much concern about this from the woke church crowd.  Instead Jemar Tisby says you should just shut up about illegal votes:

In this political moment we must avoid this phrase: “count every legal vote.” While the words seem harmless and intuitive...inserting the word “legal” implies the widespread presence of illegal votes, which simply is not true.

And this:

Don’t fall for it. Don’t let the current president and his supporters undermine our elections, especially one with historic turnout and margins of victory. Biden is the president-elect and it’s not even close. If you already know this, then make it plain to somebody who doesn’t.

How dare you question the legitimacy of this election and of the fake President-Elect!

Ironic that the woke church crowd so enables the disenfranchising of Black Americans.


*Again, don’t give me the “No Evidence” gaslighting.  I will give it the respect it deserves – zero.

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