Monday, April 23, 2018

“Stringent Consequences”?? Oh My!

From the Sunday Times via Ancient Briton:

The Church of England has warned its American sister church that it could be kicked out of the global Anglican family if it forces priests to use a gay-friendly marriage ceremony that relegates the importance of bearing children.

In a strongly worded eight-page letter, William Nye, the Church of England’s secretary-general, told the Episcopal Church that it could face “stringent consequences” if it replaced the marriage rites in its Book of Common Prayer with a gender-neutral ceremony that removed all reference to procreation.

Stringent Consequences?!? My, oh, my!  Only one sugar cube with their tea at Lambeth!  That’ll show ‘em!

Pardon my snark, but fifteen years of seeing the Church of England in inaction since that fateful year of 2003 has made me slightly skeptical about any alleged will power of that august institution when it comes to apostates.  Warnings that once might have made one pause now just make one laugh.

Which, on reflection, is very sad.  I remember when I and other orthodox Anglicans actually had some hope that the Church of England would help set the Anglican Communion aright….

I best move on.  Neither temper nor depression becomes me.

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