Saturday, August 05, 2017

South Carolina Justice Kaye Hearn Must Be Disciplined and Removed

I’ve been quiet about the awful Diocese of South Carolina ruling; others were covering it far better than I can.

But what galls me the most about the ruling is the blatant bias and conflict of interest of Justice Kaye Hearn.  Being a member (at least in the past) of the anti-Mark Lawrence Episcopal Forum of South Carolina was grounds enough for her to recuse herself.  But there is more.  Her husband is linked to the lawsuit she ruled on!  And she let her bias hang all out during oral arguments.  She might as well have worn a silly Schori mitre on the stand.

The Anglican Curmudgeon goes over her bias and role in detail.

Judicial behavior like Hearn’s makes me think there is one set of rules for corrupt judges and lawyers and quite another for the rest of us peons.  It too often seems the rule of law is for chumps.


Tregonsee said...

I doubt very much if anything will happen to her. Had the DioSC attorneys asked for her recusal before the trial, they would have a fair chance now. But they didn't, tacitly accepting her obvious conflict of interest.

PB Curry, who while on board with TEC's innovations, seems to be trying a slightly softer approach. I wonder if he might be willing to sell some of the churches back to their congregations since TEC clearly can't operate them. Not holding my breath on that. They can always sell them to a Muslim group, and use the proceeds to keep TEC afloat a few more years.

It really is frustrating the number of times clearly incompetent and/or biased judges have given TEC completely unjust and illegal victories. Well, Jesus said he would be with us until the end. He never promised that it would be a fun ride.

Mark said...


(And apologies for the delay in posting your comment. I did not see it until just before bedtime.)