Friday, February 03, 2017

Obama, Berkeley and Violent Attacks on Free Speech

Events in Berkeley two nights ago and NYU last night beg the question: when will Obama and other Leftist Democrats denounce violent attacks on free speech?

A few days ago, Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump “protests” on immigration.  Let that sink in.  A corrupt Leftist former President, less than two weeks after a freely elected President is sworn in, encourages protests against the new President.

Is this America or a banana republic?

And Obama issued his statement after anti-Trump “protests” had already turned towards violence and attacking the rights of others, including blocking traffic.

Now that Leftist violence is escalating and is cheerleaded by numerous other Leftists, including Florida DemocRAT Congresswomen Val Demings, will Obama use his position for good for a change and step up and denounce violent riots and attacks on free speech?

. . . .

I’m waiting.  But I think I better not hold my breath.

NOTE: Speaking of breath, I am having an especially nasty allergy attack.  I hope it has not affected this post.

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