Thursday, February 02, 2017

New Totalitarians in Action at Berkeley

Some may have thought me overwrought in the past in contending there is a deep totalitarian streak in today’s Leftists.  And maybe you’ve thought I’ve been too worked up when I’ve posted that campus totalitarian attacks on free speech demand that universities that do not defend free speech be stripped of federal funds.

But last night’s events at U. C. Berkeley practically made my arguments for me.  And guess who has gotten the message:

I lack time and energy at the moment, but is suffices to say the conduct by Leftists last night demands justice.  I find the following especially intolerable:

If there are not mass expulsions, then government should finally step in and defend free speech on campus.  No free speech?  No fed funds.

By the way, Fox Business is reporting at the moment that there have been no arrests.  None.  Disgusting if that is even close to accurate.

Which leads to an even bigger issue, violent "protest", really attacks and riots, including shutting down highways, must be punished severely.  Leftists must be made to understand that we respect their freedoms, but they damn well better start respecting ours or else.

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