Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Poll: Americans want MUCH tougher immigration policies.

It appears Obama’s Democrat importation programs immigration policies not only are a violation of the rule of law, they violate the Consent of the Governed as well.

A new Rasmussen Poll has 62% of Americans saying we are “not aggressive enough” in deporting illegals, 54% thinking babies born of illegals while in the U. S. should not automatically become U. S. citizens, and 51% saying that illegals with U. S. born children should not be exempt from deportation.  Further – and I especially agree with this – “83% said that anybody should be required to prove that they are ‘legally allowed’ to be in the country before receiving local, state or federal government services.”

And remember that a big issue in the 2014 mid-term elections was immigration.  That did not go well for Democrats and Obama as I recall.

Now, before you think I am just bashing Obama’s policies again . . . I am.  BUT the Republican establishment is also out of step with the American people on this issue.  They would rather obey their donors, who can never get enough cheap labor, than respect the Consent of the Governed and listen to the conservative Republican base.

The Republican Party had better listen on this and on any number of issues (including Freedom of Religion) lest they go the way of the Whigs.

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