Monday, March 04, 2013

Virus Under Fire After Infecting The Queen UPDATE: Queen Leaves Hospital Early

I’ve been praying for the Queen after news of her hospitalization with symptoms of gastroenteritis.  But perhaps we should pray for the virus instead.  It has clearly made a serious mistake by infecting someone as tough as Her Majesty.

She was taken to King Edward VII Hospital in London last night - for the first time in a decade - but insisted that there must be ‘no fuss’.

Despite suffering from debilitating sickness, the 86-year-old refused to allow an ambulance to collect her. . .

It has emerged that yesterday, as she waited for her car to pick her up instead of an ambulance, Her Majesty even decided that she might as well honour one more long-standing engagement.

She awarded a favourite female member of staff a medal for long service in her private apartments at Windsor Castle, where she had been advised to rest.

A source said: ‘It would have to be something extremely serious for her to let a loyal member of her household down.’

In case you are still so foolish as to doubt the fortitude of Her Majesty, there is this episode from years ago:

In January 1994, she broke her left wrist in a horse riding accident, although the injury wasn’t diagnosed for 24 hours, during which time she remounted her horse and rode back to Sandringham.

You gotta love the Queen.


And now Her Majesty is out of the hospital already, a day early.  I told you she’s tough.

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