Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Rand Paul Filibuster: Becoming an American Hero UPDATED

Just a note to say I think the Rand Paul filibuster now in progress may become a seminal moment in American politics.  And that not only because it is an actual old-fashion talking filibuster not seen in years.  There aren’t many issues on which Americans are united, but domestic drones is one such issue.  Left, right, or in between, people do not want drones flying over their houses.

Sen. Paul is grabbing this issue and running with it like nobody else.  And it is good policy, defending Constitutional freedoms, and it is good politics as well.  In short, by combating and in effect filibustering domestic drones*, Rand Paul is becoming an American hero.

You heard it here first.

(*Yes, the presenting issue is the Brennan nomination.  But the real issue of the Paul filibuster is domestic drones and their potential abuse.)


Sen. Mike Lee has joined the filibuster.  ‘Cause even heroes need their potty breaks.

Now Sen. Ted Cruz is joining the filibuster, too!  I thank God he’s my senator!

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Maxine Schell said...

It has now been about 12 hours of Sen. Paul speaking (without benefit of teleprompter) and few breaks. Finally, several have shown up to help, but my MO Sen. Blont has been AOL all day!