Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The St. Ives Fund . . . to Sue the Orthodox

Stand Firm has posted a letter from The Episcopal Church soliciting donations to sue departing orthodox out of their buildings. What a lovely cause.

And they created a special fund for this wonderful cause, the St. Ives Fund. Won’t you contribute?

Really, one has to be bereft of shame and conscience to send out that letter unawares of how ghoulish and smarmy it is.

The abuse of poor St. Ives' name is particularly inappropriate (or appropriate as the case may be). St. Ives of Huntingdonshire was thought to be a hermit who put aside honor and luxury. It is safe to say he would not be the least bit interested in the cause of suing the orthodox out of their church homes.

I think it much better to give to a new fund I’ve created, the St. Arnold Fund. The worthy cause? To buy me beer. I particularly like this one.

Please give generously.

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