Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First REC Franciscan!? (Confirmed)

With the caveat that the only direct report of this I can find is a YouTube video, it appears the Reformed Episcopal Church has its first Franciscan, Fr. Greg Mashburn. The video is of his consecration by Bishop Dan Morse. (And although the video and audio is fuzzy, the voice does sound like Bishop Morse’s.)

This is not completely unheard of as there are Franciscans in the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church.

If I find out more, I’ll let you know. There are no reports yet of Bishop Cummins spinning in his grave.

UPDATE: The consecration is now confirmed. See the comments.

MORE: Now that the consecration of the first REC Franciscan is confirmed, I feel free to say I am glad to see this. The Franciscans are a very honorable order. And this event is part of the REC evolving from a sectarian church to a truly catholic church with varying churchmanships and callings.

Although the founders of the REC would probably not be pleased to see this, it lives out well their ecumenical spirit.


David Bailey said...

Two notes:

That voice does indeed sound like Bishop Morse. I had the privilege of co-officiating at a wedding with him a few years ago.

The Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church is not the Spanish version of the (American) Reformed Episcopal Church, but is a Province of the Anglican Communion.

Mark said...

Thanks for the info on the SREC.


RECCHIP said...


YOu can now mark this one as "confirmed." I was in attendance at the Synod of the Diocese of the Central States where this occurred on Friday Morning.

It was a wonderful service. Two deacons were ordained, Two presbyters were officially recieved, several others signed the oath of conformity and, of course, Father Mashburn took his monastic vows.

It was a real blessing.

Chip Byers Holy Trinity REC, Fairfax VA

Anonymous said...

Bp. Cummins is not "spinning", being with the Lord, but he certainly would not have anything to do with the current REC departure from the Faith. Nor would Cheney, Aygrigg, Peach, Higgins, Rudolph, Kuehner, or Herter.


wyclif said...

Squishy ecumenism is not a good thing. The REC might want to consider changing her name is this is their planned trajectory. Just sayin'.