Saturday, December 01, 2007

Leaving Days

This morning it was quite clear today is leaving day for many students in Oxford. People were taking belongings out of the colleges onto sideroads crowded with parked cars. It reminds me of two years ago when I was also here at the end of Michaelmas term.

I’m glad I’m leaving Oxford Monday early. Not nearly as much happens around here when the students are gone. Most of my fellow CMRS students will still be here. CMRS is on a different semester schedule. But I got my academics done early and will go home early. Thanks be to God!

I haven’t done much myself today or yesterday. I’ve actually caught a small cold. It’s no big deal, and I’m feeling better already. But after staying well all through term in spite of the stress and exhaustion, it’s funny I get sick now once the pressure is off.

The timing is good though. I can use the rest. And it’s been rainy these two days anyway. When it was sunny Wednesday and Thursday, I got to be the tourist. So it’s all good.

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