Tuesday, December 18, 2007

About the Golden Compass . . .

I’ve been meaning to post about the Golden Compass, but time and lack of energy has kept me from doing so.

I knew this movie could be a problem as soon as I saw the preview months ago with their ominous use of “Magisterium.” I had never heard of Philip Pullman or his books, but even before the preview was over, I thought, “Oh boy, I know where this is heading.”

And guess what? *DING* Right again!

I’m good sometimes.

Anyway if you’d like slightly deeper analysis of the movie and the book series behind it, here and here are two good articles.

I will add two thoughts. First, when Hollywood engages in an anti-Christian agenda, they will do so without my dime. And I would discourage anyone from going to this movie, much less taking their kids to it. Even if the Christian bashing of Pullman is toned down in the movie, remember sequels are likely if this one succeeds. And Pullman’s series gets more blatantly anti-God (And I’m not using that term loosely.) as it goes along. The same can be expected of sequels.

So help this movie fail. Don’t go.

Second, and this is a bit of a tangent, Peter Hitchens struck a chord with me when he stated:

I really don't think this book would have had the Hollywood full-power treatment if Mr. Pullman were not a much-caressed darling of the liberal, anti-religious establishment in Britain. That has propelled him to book-world stardom, based on acclamation and approval as much as (if not more than) on the merit of the books. And it has put those books in that wonderful class, coveted by all authors, where they sell a lot because they have already sold a lot. This status often has nothing to do with the quality of the books, and more to do with capturing some moment or meeting some fashionable need.

A lot of very good fiction languishes at a level of sales way below this, and simply cannot hope for the window displays and other bookshop promotion which stars such as Mr. Pullman receive.

As an author who was not long ago knee-deep in the publishing industry, I heartily agree. For various reasons, money being the chief of them, the publishing and book retail industry often pushes crap while throwing excellent writing aside.

And, sadly, the “Christian” side of this industry isn’t at all exempt from this criticism. Just try browsing a Family Christian Store sometime.

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