Friday, November 16, 2007

The Smoking Gun

What we have long suspected is now a matter of record in open court: it was indeed Presiding Heretic Schori who turned what was going to be an amicable separation among Anglicans in Virginia into an ugly persecution of the faithful.

I just don’t get vindictiveness like that. What Bishop Peter Lee and the departing congregations were working out would have been good for all concerned under the circumstances. But no, she wanted to punish those congregations for daring to want to remain Anglican but not Episcopalian.

And as for her being upset that CANA "violates the ancient principle of the church that two bishops do not have jurisdiction in the same area," she’s proven doesn’t give a flip about ancient principles except when they can be twisted to help out her agenda.

I could say more, but I’m trying to foam at the mouth less get more into the practice of letting the facts speak for themselves.

Wait, I will say one more thing. If I were a betting man, I bet the Episcopal Church will get much less than if they had continued to negotiate in good faith with the departing congregations.

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