Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ass Elected TEC “Bishop” of Chicago

Jeffrey Lee was elected Bishop of Chicago today. And after reading the following from his profile, I frankly wish Tracey Lind got the golden mitre instead. Says Mr. Lee:

For instance, in the parish I try hard to listen deeply to people who are concerned or troubled by developments in the church around sexuality and what I discover over and over again is that the issue is rarely the real issue. Someone may be deeply troubled about the liberalization of the church’s practice around the full inclusion of gay and lesbian people in the church, but what lies at the root of their misgivings is some hurt or brokenness in their family. Once you uncover that pain in a safe way you can begin to move through it to a place of deeper understanding.

So if people disagree with him on “full inclusion” of homosexuals, it’s because they have family problems. What an ass!


Texanglican (R.W. Foster+) said...

If we have a problem with TEC's sexual agenda, its because WE have deep-seated psychological problems? Please!

BTW, Newbie, Bishop Sutton will be our featured speaker tomorrow night at a Common Cause pot luck taking place St. Vincent's Cathedral following our Solemn High Evensong. I look forward to hearing him very much. I am so glad to part of the rapidly accelerating rapprochement between the REC and the soon-to-be dioceses of the Southern Cone, like my own.

Devon W said...

My family does not meet the standards of modern society. Maybe that's my problem. Both my parents are loving people, they are still married, they are heterosexual, they are conservative, they have moral values, they do not support the flawed values of others or offer excuses for things that are simply wrong, and they exercise discipline on their children.

According to modern society, something is wrong with my family. That must be why I'm so flawed in my thinking.