Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stupidity Gets Stomped

Yes, I’m referring to the elections. And yes, I’m a Republican. But I fully recognize that Republicans have only themselves to blame for this election.

For all the problems with Iraq and for the usual difficulties of an off-year second term election, the Republicans would have held their own if they weren’t so friggin’ stupid.

They would have probably lost the House, but not as badly if they dealt more proactively with Mark Foley and Jack Abramoff. Speaker Hastert is a nice guy, but his sleepy easy-going nature cost the GOP.

And in the Senate, control hangs in the balance because Burns of Montana didn’t tell Abramoff to take a hike and because Allen of Virginia can’t keep his mouth shut.

Stupidity is bi-partisan. And commit enough of it, and you will lose.

P. S. Seeing "Republican" Lincoln Chaffee go down is almost worth losing the Senate.

P. S. 2 I’m proud to say things went better in my county where, among other things, an attempted beach grab by developers went down in flames.

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