Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No Safe Place: Jordan Hylden on PB Schori

Jordan Hylden over at First Things is at it again with his excellent analysis of the situation in the Episcopal Church.

In his latest missive, he focuses on the statements and intentions of Presiding Bishop Schori. The money paragraph:

…there is good reason to believe she intends nothing less than to run conservatives out of the church, finalize the split between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, and set up an international communion of liberal Anglicanism as a rival to Canterbury. In short, from her recent actions and public statements, it is reasonable to infer that her term is likely to tear the Episcopal Church in two—and, what’s more, that that is precisely what she intends.

I’m not so sure she intends to “finalize the split” with the Communion. I think she and those of like mind would rather have it both ways and stay in. But I agree she is certainly preparing for a split with the thinly veiled moves to set up a rival liberal communion. And as for conservatives, the only “reconciliation” she is interested in is unconditional submission . . . or else.

In any case, the Anglican Communion Institute and other apologists for eternal waiting not withstanding, I think it neither safe nor wise for the orthodox to stick around for long in such an environment. Orthodox who still remain in the Episcopal Church, Schori and friends are not the least bit interested in a safe place for you. You are a “problem” to be dealt with.

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