Monday, August 15, 2005

PGA has self-inflicted egg on face.

I know this isn’t a sports blog. But I care enough about major championship golf to note that the PGA has serious egg on its face this morning.

Because of its cowardice and refusal to move tee times earlier, as advised by Phil Mickelson and no telling who else and as a glance at the weather forecast would have suggested, golf fans were cheated. (Weather delays which should have been expected postponed the finishing holes due to the late tee times.)

I’m lucky. I’m my own boss, so I can watch the finish this morning. But even so, it’s not the same. One of the reasons I’m addicted to the four golf major championships is the build up of tension and drama. Interrupting that right before the last few holes and postponing the finish is like interrupting a play or a symphony before the climax and saying, “Come back tomorrow folks!”

That’s the kinds of fools who run the PGA Championship.

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