Monday, August 15, 2005

Episcopal Diocese of L. A. has self-inflicted egg on face.

The St. James case mentioned Friday came to a quick conclusion. And the Diocese of L. A. got spanked and spanked good as we say here in Texas.

That the judge clearly cited basic Constitutional rights and not just arcane legal doctrine does not bode well for other cases in which dioceses, presbyteries, and the like try to grab the property of congregations they’ve alienated. It’s a California case, but the principles behind the strong ruling could have implications far beyond California.

This is going to cost the Diocese of L. A. Hopefully, many mainline denomination leaders will look at this decision and think twice about going after the property of churches that are compelled to break away.

And, hopefully, those who do not take heed will get spanked, too. This ruling seems to make that more likely.

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