Thursday, December 09, 2004

So Irish Primate ++Robin Eames Wants to “Move On.”

Irish Archbishop Robin Eames, who chaired the Lambeth Commission that gave us the Windsor Report, apparently thinks discipline of the ECUSA is unlikely. And he wants it that way, saying “we must move on.”

Eames’ advice is a recipe for the break-up of the Communion. Conservatives with any backbone, namely most of the Southern Primates, will not put up with the Anglican fudge of just moving on.

By the way, why is it only conservatives in mainline churches who are expected to “move on”? When liberals don’t get their way, they come back again and again and again until they get their way even if they have to run roughshod over the polity of the church. Then they immediately expect conservatives to “move on.” And in the ECUSA, the conservatives have been such wimps, most of them have.

If the ECUSA and Anglican Church of Canada are not disciplined, the Anglican Communion will – and should – break up. A church that won’t discipline blatant apostasy, especially in its leadership, deserves not allegiance but the judgment of God. When a church refuses to defend the faith, it’s not time to move on, it’s time to move out – moving out to cast the cowards and apostates out of leadership or moving out of that so-called church altogether.

I thank God that those heroes of the Faith who have opposed apostasy throughout church history didn’t just “move on.”

Excuse my Unanglican phrasing, but to hell with moving on.

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