Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas and Church

O. K. I’m on top of things, thanks be to God, so now I can post.

I have mixed feelings about this Christmas. I’m really looking forward to spending time with family. And I’ve been in a Christmasy mood for a while now. But I’m about the only Christian in my family. So if I go to church for Christmas, it will likely be alone. And spending time with family is a big priority, (And where I will be is not a hotbed of Anglican-style worship.) so it looks like Christmas won’t be nearly as churchy as I would like.

Which is funny, because as recently as two years ago, I really wasn’t into church at Christmas at all. That just hasn’t been part of my past, even though I’ve been a Christian since age 14. But exposure to Anglican worship has changed that.

Still, I will eagerly listen to the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from Kings College, like I did for the first time last year. And I might sneak out for a late night Christmas Eve service. (If anyone knows of a good one in the Richland, Washington area let me know.)

I plan to buy myself a lot of Anglican Church music for myself after Christmas. I’ve been playing what I have already. Speaking of which, if you want to hear a performance from the recent King’s College Christmas U.S. Tour I heard, go here. You’re welcome.

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