Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Momentous Announcement

God willing, on September 26th, 2004, I will be confirmed in the Reformed Episcopal Church by the Rt. Rev. Ray R. Sutton. The service will be at Providence Reformed Episcopal Church in Corpus Christi, Texas. And, yes, this is the church I’m joining, the famous “Small Continuing Anglican Church.�

You smart people may know that you don’t have to be confirmed to join the Reformed Episcopal Church. But with this being such a meaningful transition to me, I wanted to be confirmed. And the rector enthusiastically agreed that it was a good idea.

Now some housekeeping: The rest of this week I will be busy with moving stuff and with riding the swell from Ivan. Plus I don’t know when I’ll have convenient internet access. So I may not be posting much. But I promise to post as much as I can next week with my confirmation approaching.

Providence Church's website wasn't working this morning. Hopefully that's temporary.

Thanks for your prayers and for rejoicing with me.

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