Friday, September 01, 2006

It’s September. Do you know where your bishops are?

It’s the first day of September, and this may be a big month for Anglicanism, particularly in the U. S. For there are two big meetings of bishops in the U. S. this month.

There’s the Camp Allen, Texas meeting of TEC “Windsor bishops” called by +Wimberly and to be attended by two prominent Church of England bishops. In recent days, Brad Drell and Greg Griffith have engaged in interesting analysis of this “consultation.” Both conclude more than just talk is likely, and I agree.

While the Windsor bishops are meeting in Texas, the Global South Primates of the Anglican Communion will be meeting in Rwanda. They, too, will focus on how to proceed now that the Episcopal Church has made its direction known at GC06. You know more than just talk will be forthcoming from that meeting.

The second earlier meeting in New York called by the Archbishop of Canterbury will consist of a much broader if select spectrum of bishops. There’s been discussion in the Anglican blogdom that nothing much will come from this meeting, especially given the prominent role that liberals Canon Kearon, PB Frank Griswold, and PB-elect Katherine Schori will play.

I, too, look askance at Kearon being appointed to represent the Archbishop. And you know what I think of the current and incoming Presiding Bishops. But I’m not so pessimistic about the meeting.

First, it’s clear that Archbishop Rowan is asking the combatants in the Episcopal Church to reach a settlement. Although he won’t personally be there, his desire will be the elephant in the room.

And if nothing will likely come of this meeting, then why is the Episcopal Left oh-so upset about it?

On the other end of the Episcopal spectrum, traditionalist Ft. Worth Bishop Iker is publicly encouraged about the meeting and will be attending. +Iker is not one to be overly optimistic about episcopal meetings. And he often refrains from participating in those he deems useless. Nor does he put on a happy face for anyone. He’s so honest and frank, it’s . . . it’s . . . downright unAnglican! So if he is encouraged, then there is reason to be encouraged about the New York meeting.

But maybe I’m na├»ve. I’m still a Newbie Anglican; I haven’t been one for years and years and seen meeting after meeting come to nothing. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing how God uses these two meetings along with the Global South Primates meeting (and other behind-the-scenes meetings?) this month. I think this will indeed prove to be a big month for North American Anglicanism.

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