Friday, October 09, 2020

Shameless: Biden Blames Trump for Michigan Plot

Yesterday I mentioned the plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan as an illustration of what Psalm 37 teaches us not to do.  Little did I know the accused are a bunch of strange anarchists, at least one of whom hates Trump.  

I have to admit even I was thinking we finally had a violent plot of significance from Trump-supporting “right-wingers.”  I was wrong.  The remarkable record of non-violence from Trump supporters in the face of grievous provocations continues. 

But that did not stop Joe Biden from using this episode to smear and blame Trump.  He keeps pushing that “both sides” myth, so what do you expect from such a shameless liar?  Thank God Robby Starbuck has captured video of one of the ringleaders denouncing Trump in no uncertain terms.  (Sorry I had to link that tweet instead of embedding it, but embedding is not working for some reason.) 

This has gotten to be par for the course from Joe BigLie.

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