Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Diocese of Sheffield – Traditionalists Need Not Apply

I make a point to calm down when genuinely angry before posting.  So you should have seen the first draft of this post.   The main change I make now is I do not invite certain people and jurisdictions to suffer perdition.

I am beyond disgusted with the Church of England after hearing the sad news that the good Rt. Rev. Philip North is withdrawing under pressure from consideration for the bishopric of the Diocese of Sheffield.

Rev. North is an excellent priest well thought of by a wide spectrum of Anglicans.  Without divulging private communications, I know of UK Anglicans of decidedly more liberal bent than this blogger who are very upset today.

North’s crime?  Although making very clear his willingness to respect and fully work with women clergy, he had a traditional viewpoint on that question.  For that, the “Modern Church” and feminazi crowd among others blackballed him.  And that although a number of women clergy supported him.

The Dean of Christ Church Oxford led the charge against him.  But now he’s written a letter to Rev. North. How nice.

I’ve let the Dean know what I think of that.

Christ Church is a place in which I heard Hiroshima equated with Auschwitz in a Remembrance Sunday sermon.  But its Dean has scruples and lectures about a traditionalist becoming a diocesan bishop.  Even Satan doesn’t deserve to put with a prat like that.

Looking beyond a good man done wrong by villains, the Church of England is more and more becoming a jurisdiction in which traditionalists need not apply.  That became that much more clear today.  Those libchurchers cheerleading that should be made aware that this situation makes a church split more likely and more massive.  But perhaps they would secretly like that.  For all their talk through the years of “inclusion,” they actually hate real inclusion.

They should also be aware that two can play this game.  Traditionalists have done their reasonable best to go along to get along.  The reasons to continue so doing have just become fewer.

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