Monday, August 08, 2016

I still live. (And I’m still right about World Vision.)

I hope I haven’t worried any of my readers with my relative silence.  I’ve been so intent on fulfilling my requirements for a class, including a 25-30 page paper (You’d think I was writing a Masters thesis instead of completing just one course towards a Certificate in Anglican Studies!), that I just haven’t had the energy and time to blog.

But now I am near the end of this course.  And I’ve been inspired by strong ale (Be warned!), so here goes.

Decades ago, I decided to stop giving to World Vision.  I was concerned that none of their literature I had read mentioned actually sharing the Gospel.  I was not well disposed towards sending people to Hell well fed, so I turned towards other organizations.

Well, it looks like was too right as I tend to be.  The Gaza office of World Vision has been caught funneling money to Hamas.

Now World Vision might be the victim here as much as perp.  But if funneling aid to those in need is given too much priority over propagating the Faith, over offering eternal life along with temporal sustenance, these things can and will happen.  I doubt Mr. Mohammed el-Halabi was much committed to the Christian faith, much less proclaiming it.  So why was he hired by a "Christian" organization in the first place?

This just goes to show that I am always right (Ignore my predictions in my previous post concerning the Day of Rage!), and that you should always read carefully every word that emanates from my wise fingers.

Or maybe it just means you should find better ways to help the needy than giving to World Vision or to any other “Christian” organization that gives little priority to sharing the Gospel of Christ.

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