Friday, June 24, 2016

Thank You, UK

I am very busy in part because of the Blessed Event overnight.  But I must say something about said Event.

Thank you to those British who courageously cast aside the fearmongering from Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and other liars, and voted to Leave the EU.

As I’ve posted, the world needs more free places.  The world needs a free and sovereign Britain.  The world needed you Leave voters yesterday.  Thank you.

Stay courageous.  In the coming weeks and months, there will surely be those pressing for you to vote again and again until you vote “correctly.”  And, yes, the financial markets do not like uncertainty and uncharted territory.  But remember that many involved in the financial markets love money much more than they love freedom.  That goes double for the super rich.  Oh, they like their freedom, but yours? 

And remember that freedom in the long run is the best economic policy as the United States once illustrated.  Don’t forget that Ronald Reagan’s reforms took a couple of rough years before they drove the U. S. economy to new heights.

Obviously more could be said.  But for now, I mainly say, “Thank you.”


How can I forget?  Nigel Farage deserves special thanks from all those who love the UK and love freedom.  He has his warts and certainly has his detractors.  But he led the long effort to leave the EU back when that was considered “nutty,” and he persevered.

He may not be everyone’s idea of a hero.  But he is mine.

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