Thursday, December 20, 2012

Obama Pressures UK to Stay in EU

When I read that Obama, both personally and through his administration, has been pressuring the UK to stay in the EU, I was aghast.  Look, I know Obama is arrogant already.  But what business is it of his or of the United States whether the UK stays in the EU or not?

If I were British, Obama’s intervention would make me want to leave the EU that much more.  If I were Cameron, I’d more or less tell him, “Look, if you Americans didn’t want to be under British sovereignty back in the day, that’s one thing.  But now you are lecturing us about protecting our own sovereignty over our native land?”

Obama’s attitude toward the UK even before this arrogant intervention has been less than respectful.  One of his first acts was returning a bust of Winston Churchill.  And his gifts to the Queen and the past PM were a joke.  I would not blame the British if they told him to buzz off. Moreover, I greatly desire that they do so.

Nile Gardiner has a similar take on this matter.


Beneath the Firmament said...

Such arrogance!!

Why should the British people allow a foreign power (EU) to dictate the laws in their own land?
And let us not forget that the EU was a backdoor government. Their goal was never about finance; it was always about governance. The financial part was only a systematic way to become a government, and one which no one other than the elites wanted.

BillB said...

"and one which no one other than the elites wanted"

That should read

"and one which no one other than the French wanted"

Since Napoleon could not conquer Europe, the French tried to become more subtle in their approach. However if you look at the EU, it always seems to be what the French want is what is done.

Warren said...

Haven't US presidents been pressuring sovereign nations to do things that align with American interests since at least the late 1800s (probably earlier)? Why break with such a fine tradition now?