Monday, April 16, 2012

When I am Too Angry to Blog

Long time readers of this humble blog may think my modus operandi is to get good and angry about something, maybe fortify that anger with English ale (I refuse to drink low quality beer even in anger.), then vent all over the internet.

But not so.

Actually, if I get too angry, I do not trust myself to blog wisely. So I will then calm down, maybe sleep on it, then decide whether and what to post.

A case in point is Sarah Silverman’s hoax purporting to show photos of her before and after a “quickie abortion”. Somehow that was supposed to be funny. Yeah, killing babies through late term abortions is reeeal funny. Great fodder for humor there.

I thought about posting on this. But I was so angry I could hardly see straight. And I knew that just about anything I posted would offend.

And, frankly, just about every time I am reminded of her “humor,” I get angry again.

So I will just say this. There are certain words that are completely wrong to use to describe women about 99% of the time.

Sarah Silverman is part of the 1%.

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peggy38 said...


Normally, I would make no exception to the rule about that word. But in Silverman's case I think I am with you.