Tuesday, November 22, 2011

About the St. Paul’s Occupy Protest

I am confident most of my readers already know that most of those camping out in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral are, well, lowlife and should be cleared out asap. But for those who still think that the occupiers and their protest are noble, I have two words and a link.

Yeaaah, riiight.

Maybe I should say more than two words. Sure, some people joined the protest out of noble if misguided intent. But a few weeks of the scummy conduct of the camp at St. Paul’s (as well as a number of other places around the West) should convince anyone who can think for themselves that there are better ways to make one’s voice heard.

I, too, in my younger days joined a certain protest out of noble intent. But when the ignoble nature of the protest became evident, I left.

Those who remain at St. Paul’s are an ignoble lot, to put it mildly, and should be cleared out.

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