Monday, January 26, 2009

No Safe Place: Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Goes All In for Gay Agenda

I’m not going to rehash the events of this past weekend in Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. One can find the basics here with lots of comments. And Still On Patrol has some prescient comments.

I have said here for some time that The Episcopal Church is not a viable place for orthodox Christians. The events in Virginia confirm that. As I’ve also said, I respect those orthodox who out of conviction stay (as long as they don’t undercut the efforts of those who leave). But I think they are mistaken.

Virginia is a relatively moderate TEC diocese. If they are going all in for the gay agenda opposed to the authority of Scripture – and they are – what does that say about The Episcopal Church as a whole? It confirms that it is an apostate denomination diving further into apostasy. The Episcopal Church is past hope. God gives such over to a depraved mind. And the Episcopal Church is showing more and more symptoms of such every day.

There is now a real orthodox Anglican Church in North America tied to orthodox Anglicans worldwide. What reason is there to stay in the rotten and rotting Episcopal Church?


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