Sunday, March 21, 2004

O.K. I'm back in civilization now. So I'm back to posting.

Let's see . . . where to begin. . . How about this: a former Clinton terrorism official trying to make money off a new book blames Bush for supposed failures against terrorism. I'm I the only one who smells something?

Like Clinton ever did anything more than slap terrorists with a wet noodle. A Clinton official blaming Bush on terrorism is a bad joke.

LATER: Now I find out the Clintonista Richard Clark isn't the only one trying to pump up his book. The book is published by a division of Viacom, which owns CBS, who puts on -- you guessed it -- 60 Minutes, who did the big interview.

My thoughts about this aren't printable. I hate CBS and the underhanded liberalism they stand for. And Leslie Stall, who did the interview, has been a propaganda queen for years and years. Take off her make-up and you'd find out she's a John Kerry clone.

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