Thursday, March 09, 2023

I’m not dead yet . . . but this blog probably is.

I’m not dead yet.  I’m feeling much better actually.  

Seriously, yes, I’m okay.

And I apologize for going silent, especially if I worried anybody.  If I wanted to make excuses for that, they would be 1. I just didn’t have anything I wanted to write here and 2. I got locked out.  Both of which are true.

But now that I finally found my way back in there, I think it’s time to put this blog to bed.  I do reserve the right to revive this blog months or even years from now, but that is unlikely.

I once thought I would surely take this blog to twenty years in 2024.  It was a long-lived blog!  But I am writing so much for other venues, often anonymously, often privately, and more and more under my real life name, that something has to give.  I have never been a prolific writer, and I’ve always had limited energy.  So I think it time to end this blog.

It was a good run, wasn’t it?  I was occasionally wrong, but mostly right on target, even with a prediction or two.  In fact, now that I think about it, I might have a greatest hits post or two.  But I will probably do that on my twitter feed. 

Yes, do follow my twitter.  I remain very active there.

It’s been fun.  And I’m having fun now, just in other venues.  Thanks to all who supported me and prayed for me through the years.  I love you all.

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Don said...

Eighteen years is a long time. Mine went 25 last year. I'm finding myself not writing as much as I used to, or working on my other blogs/sites, although these days things are a little more active with my series at church on the BCP. God bless.