Friday, October 22, 2021

A Reminder About Who is on the January 6th Commission

With the absurd House resolution finding Steve Bannon in Contempt of Congress for his principled refusal to comply with the January 6th Commission, a reminder about said Commission is in order.

The January 6th Commission is beyond stacked.  It is entirely appointed by Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and has only two Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), both of whom voted to impeach Trump.  There is a story behind that.

As is customary, Republican House leaders appointed a group of  Republicans to be the minority on the commission.  As is not customary, Pelosi rejected two of those appointments, Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, both of whom are reputable men, both of whom would have surely asked inconvenient and needed questions.  

Rejecting these minority appointments as Pelosi did just is not done.  That is the reason some really vile and untrustworthy Democrats like Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar get prominent committee positions even when Republicans control the House.  Unless there is serious misconduct, the minority party leaders get to appoint minority party representatives on committees.  Even when there is serious misconduct, as with Schiff and Omar, rejecting or ousting minority party committee members is rare. 

So Pelosi rejecting Jordan and Banks to further stack the January 6th Commission was an outrage, and Republican leader Keven McCarthy was outraged and immediately pulled all the Republican members from the committee.  Hence the only two Republicans on the commission are the pariah RINOs Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. 

As if that is not bad enough, Adam Schiff is on the commission.  He has a record of hoaxing, lying and leaking as past head of efforts to impeach Trump.  His presence on the committee makes it even more disreputable.

So the question should not be why Steve Bannon is not cooperating with the January 6th Commission, but why are any Republicans cooperating with it?  To call it a kangaroo court is not fair to kangaroos.  It is a stacked farce.

Principled people should give it the respect it deserves – zero.

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